Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Operator

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Location: Town of Cobourg, ON
Website: http://www.cobourg.ca
Type: full-time
Posted On: Dec 22, 2020
Closing Date: Jan 15, 2021
The Corporation of the Town of Cobourg  
Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Operator


The Corporation of the Town of Cobourg’s Environmental Services Department has an opening for a regular full-time Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Operator. Reporting to the Manager Environmental Services, the Operator assists in the operation and maintenance of the Town’s two Wastewater Treatment facilities, 5 Sanitary, 3 Storm pumping stations and a Sequence Batch Reactor.
Basic Function:
The Plant Operator’s primary responsibility is to co-ordinate the operation and maintenance of the water pollution control facilities and sanitary/storm pumping stations throughout the Municipality. Plant Operators rotate through the following four sub-categories of duties:
  • Operator-in-Charge (OIC) – Coordinates the tasks of other Operators and is responsible for all aspects of the sewage treatment process. All other Operator functions must be coordinated through the OIC.
  • Lab Operator – Carries out all analytical assays on sewage and provides lab data to the OIC so that appropriate process changes can be made as deemed necessary.
  • Maintenance Operator – Coordinates the repair and maintenance of all equipment and structures associated with the Water Pollution Control Plants and Pumping Stations.
  • Pumping Station (Road) Operator – Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all Storm and Sanitary Pumping Stations.
The duties are assigned in this manner to ensure all aspect of the job are completed in a proper and expedient fashion.
I. Pump Station Maintenance
  • Stations are inspected a minimum of three times per week (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday). The flows at all stations must be calculated and properly recorded in the Station Log book
  • Equipment checks are performed on a monthly basis. This includes running generators and diesel pumps and motors
  • Performs janitorial duties such as keeping buildings clean, grass cutting and snow removal at each station
  • Performs end-of-day cleaning and sanitizing of both office buildings and other buildings as needed
  • Be aware of all safety issues at each station and ensure that all safety equipment is used in the proper manner
  • Be familiar with all Wastewater and Biosolids Regulations to make certain compliance is maintained
    Familiarity with the Ontario Traffic manual
  • Other duties as assigned 
II. Laboratory Analysis
  • Collection of samples including, but not limited to, wastewater samples, sludge samples, hauled waste samples, samples from spills and industrial samples
  • Be aware of all safety issues within the facility and ensure that all safety equipment is used in the proper manner
  • Be familiar with all Wastewater and Biosolids Regulations to make certain compliance is maintained
  • Other duties as assigned
III. Process Control
  • Collection and calculations of all Plant process data such as pump times and sludge depths
  • Plant Process Operator decides, with the approval of the Plant Supervisor, what changes need to be made to ensure any process problems are dealt with to keep the Plant within the required regulatory limits
  • Daily maintenance of the Operation Log to meet the record keeping requirements outlined in WPCP Standard Operating Procedure ADM-4000-0006
  • Daily inspection of all Plant process equipment is done. Maintenance personnel will be notified if any problems are found
  • Safe reception of all bulk chemicals (e.g. chlorine, alum), Septic/Industrial Waste and Leachate
  • Lubrication and maintenance of all Plant process equipment as required
  • Familiarity with all Wastewater and Biosolids Regulations to ensure compliance is maintained
  • Be aware of all safety issues within the facility and ensure that all safety equipment is used in the proper manner
  • Monitor sludge haulage and septic waste dumping
  • Ensures all doors and windows are secure, alarm system is activated and front gate is locked at the end of the work day
  • Must ensure all contractors and/or visitors are properly signed in prior to entering the facility
  • Other duties as assigned
IV. Plant Maintenance
  • Perform preventative maintenance on all Plant and station equipment according to the maintenance card schedule being either on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, semiannually or annually basis
  • Must ensure boiler and gas piping is maintained in accordance with Technical Safety Standards Association (T.S.S.A.) requirements standards and ensure they meet all applicable codes
  • Perform electrical inspections of Motor Control Centers dealing with 110 volt and 575 volt AC
  • Ensure all electric motors and pumps are in proper running condition to carry out daily operations successfully
  • Ensure all gas and diesel powered pumps and generators are kept in proper running condition to successfully carry out daily operations
  • Be aware of all safety issues within the facility and ensure that all safety equipment is used in the proper manner
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Minimum three year post-secondary education in a related field of study
  • Must hold Operator-in-Training License, higher classes of licenses preferred
  • Must obtain a Class 2 Wastewater Collection License within 3 years of date of hire
  • Must obtain a written Class 4 Wastewater Treatment License within 5 years of date of hire
  • Chemical, Microbiological, Electrical and/or Mechanical Maintenance experience preferred
  • Knowledge of pumps and motors preferred
  • Computer literacy with a working knowledge of Word Processing and Spreadsheet software is essential
  • A working knowledge of ISO 14000 or an equivalent standard
  • Valid Class G2/G Driver Licence with a satisfactory drivers record as deemed by the corporation
  • Must obtain a Satisfactory Police Record Check upon employment
  • Must possess valid Standard First Aid Level A or must obtain within 60 days of hir
Working Conditions:
This position involves frequent physical inspection of sewage facilities involving being outdoors in all kinds of weather, in unsanitary conditions and, on occasion, required to move or lift heavy objects. In case of emergencies, the employee will be on standby on a rotating basis. Frequent physical work that may require entry into confined spaces, areas where hazardous gases and/or oxygen-deprived environments may be present. Knowledge of confined space rescue, maintenance and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), including but not limited to self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).
This position requires driving, computer work, maintenance on equipment, walking, climbing (stairs and ladders) and lifting on a daily basis.
This is an hourly position structured around a 40-hour workweek. Normal working hours are stipulated by the unionized workers Collective Agreement and run from 0700 to 1530 hrs. These hours may change during the summer months in accordance with the current Collective Agreement.
Weekends are worked as needed, on a rotational, on-call basis with other Operators. In general, weekend work would include basic daily functions, septic waste receipt, plus Emergency Call-Outs (e.g. Equipment failure) as required. It may also include serving as “Operator-in-Charge” for lower classification Operators who require assistance in interpreting and adjusting Plant processes.
  • Class 1 Operator - Grade 5A – Outside worker: $24.47 - $30.59 per hour
  • Class 4 Operator - Grade 6A – Outside worker: $26.28 - $32.85 per hour
Interested applicants should forward their resume in confidence to careers@cobourg.ca no later than 4:00 pm January 15, 2021.
We thank all applicants however only those selected for an interview will receive a response.
In accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act, the information gathered is collected pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended. The Town of Cobourg is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusive, barrierfree recruitment and selection processes. If contacted for an employment opportunity, please advise Human Resources if you require accommodation.